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Blake, you know, I hate to have to keep telling you this, but if you keep using that tone with me, there are going to be repercussions. I think you know that.


Nora: I wish we had more time.
Josh: I know. I don’t want you to see me now. I want you to remember me like this.

Josh: That’s pretty cool, you were just gonna let me do it, huh?
Aidan: You know when you spend over a century contemplating them you learn to read these things.

This is an emergency.


Sally: And how long do you plan on keeping us down here?
Donna: Forever, or until I figure out a way to end us.

This is the way it goes. You freak out. I explain things. You make a happy place.


Nora: You really need to take a shower.
Aidan: Oh, you bet I do.

Some people go to England for their honeymoon. I bait my husband with a goat.

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