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Sally: If I leave, he'll forget me.
Josh: If you stay, he'll forget you. You're not here.

Sally: Where were you?
Josh: Just keeping the streets of Boston safe for all the little children.
Sally: You okay?
Josh: Yeah. Where were you? Ozfest?

Josh: Hey! Casper the handsy ghost. Not the plan, man.
Tony: I'm sorry. I'm a jerk.
Sally: Ya think?
Tony: I've been feeling bad about the whole grope and ditch.
Josh: Wow. That's moving. Sally, do you need a tissue?
Tony: Hey no offense, guy, but this is kind of a spirit world situation...

Sally: Yeah, go haunt a Kix concert, perv.
Tony: Lazy days and better lays, sweetheart.

Hey, Aidan, it's Josh. Hey! I just wanted to thank you, once again, for signing us up for the neighborhood watch and then ditching the last minute. It's so - cool.


Compelling the counter girl into a free drink. Don't you have anything better to do?


Sally: Why are you wearing makeup?
Tony: Why aren't you?

Aidan: Josh, it is a party. Relax. Now. I should make a seven-layer dip, right?
Josh: No. No, you shouldn't.

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