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Emma: Am I gonna see balls?
Josh: I'm so glad you're here. My beautiful baby sister. I need someone who's required to love me.

So this is what you do? You radically mind screw ghosts before you reap them? Classy.


All I've ever done, all I've ever wanted to do is protect you.


Poor thing. You died in neon.


But you know what, don't be home alone. There's a girl down the hall in 305 and she's marathoning the original 90210 and I think Donna Martin Graduates is up next! And then I will come straight home and we can do this.


Okay, those guys are my friends. Except for the one guy who tried to rape me. But he's dead. Holla!


Why is the bathroom mirror calling me a whore?


The son always kills the father, you'll see. I've never been so scared for you as I am now, Aidan. This is the proudest moment of your life, protecting your own. But it will haunt you forever.


No offense, Mom, but if someone in your situation were to get her door right now, I am done with this dimension.

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