Being Human

Mondays 9:00 PM on SyFy
Being human
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You didn't get to kill your maker; but did you even want to?


Sally: One of those bodies is a purebred werewolf corpse. If we're splittin' hairs, I, you know...
Josh: Hey, you know what? Screw the keg. Pick up us some crack.

Josh: Hey you okay?
Aidan: Oh yeah! I am great, just great. I was going to go out and get us a keg.
Josh: Perfect.

I know this won't kill you, but it's just so satisfying.


If I had know we were going to be here now I would have hugged you so much more.


More than blood lust. I mean, why kill anyone when you can turn them?


Liam: I am your maker and so I will nurture you, that's what we do.
Josh: Stop talking to us like we're children. I've been a wolf before.
Liam: Not mine. I'm a purebred. My blood is different. Before you thought it was a curse, but now you'll see it's a gift.

I'm running out of ways to trust your girlish need for privacy.


Liam: I've made my peace with your desire to co-mingle with the vampires, but this connection that you've made with your blood - it's deadly.
Nora: Because of how it cures the virus?
Liam: It's not a cure, it's a curse.

This is what it's all about. Our experiment. I mean, what's more human than a guy standing up for a guy at his best friend's wedding?


I killed a zombie werewolf in a magical dimension a few hours ago, so pledging fidelity to the love of my life feels kind of tame by comparison.


What is it with you and my friends? Did you have a hard time back in colonial times Jr. High?

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Being Human Season 3 Quotes

Your humanity is worth what we did.


I'm dead inside. I swear, if we go another psychic, you're going to have to go to a psychic to contact me.