Nikki: I can't believe you ran him over.
Margene: I tapped him.

I just want to be allowed to do my job.


Stop saying that. We are not falling apart.


Get out. Who do you think you're dealing with? I'm Albert Grant.


(to Lois) Come on, lets get you inside.


Margene: What we have is good. It's always been good. Why are we so ashamed of it now?
Barb: Because you were 16 years old and you were in bed with my husband.

Nikki: You're evil.
Alby: I'm evil? You and your husband have taken my family from me.

Margene: I've noticed things have changed. You don't look at me when we are having sex.
Bill: That's not true.
Margene: Yes it is. You're not even looking at me now.

It's hard because I'm not supposed to like any of my family now because my mom hates them.

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