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Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.


Jackie: You guys get together every week to eat and fight. You sure you're not Italian?
Danny: Nope Irish. We just drink a little more.

Morris: You're a real piece of work Reagan.
Frank: Oh please, call me by my first name. Commissioner.

Frank: What about nap time?
Henry: The boys are too old for naps, Francis.
Frank: I meant for us.

Jamie: Saw my first dead body last night. Of course Danny had to be the one to show it to me.
Erin: If you were twelve he would have made you kiss it.

You have the right to remain silent so why don't you shut the hell up.


It's what you do next that counts.


Bacon. The ultimate test of faith.


After this week there's not a person at this table who thinks they could ever be too overprotective.


Linda: So Frank, how was Joyce?
Frank: Seldom right but never uncertain.

If you guys aren't going prosecute these people we might as well shoot them in the street.


Mom never did wear those pearl earrings again.

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Blue Bloods Quotes

Damn internet is a blessing and a curse.


Jack: What exactly did you do in Korea?
Henry: I did what I was told.

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