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Garrett: Dog bites boy. Reagan checks in on dog. What's wrong with this picture?
Frank: Oh.

I'm thankful for all the ordinary citizens who have come up to me on the beat over the past year and thanked me for my service All two of them. Also bullet proof vests.


He's my brother and I'm the only one who gets to kill him.


Henry: Are we still friends?
Colleen: From the first day we met.

Morris: You're a real piece of work Reagan.
Frank: Oh please, call me by my first name. Commissioner.

Not everyone has a family where the worse thing that happens is that someone's late to Sunday dinner.


You've been screwing up since we got started and I'm not letting either one of us get killed because you're too close to this.


Your brother might be guilty of something but he's not guilty of murder.


You know you two are worse than my kids.

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