Blue Bloods Review: Thankful for Bullet Proof Vests

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It was the Thanksgiving installment and Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 9 mixed family, friends, humor and a good dog in a way that made me thankful for all of the above.

We'll start with Danny and Baez. Detective Baez ran into a familiar face on the job. Her brother, Javi. And when I say ran in to I mean she tackled him through a glass door.

Her Brother's Keeper

I suppose every family has its own way of saying hello.

But Baez had a long and unpleasant history with her drug addict brother and she wasn't so quick to believe he's gotten himself clean.  As she explained to Danny in this Blue Bloods quote

Not everyone has a family where the worse thing that happens is that someone's late to Sunday dinner.


When Benny Russo and his thugs tossed Javi in that van and drove off, I had to wonder if Danny and his crew were doing their impersonation of the Keystone cops. It was an old van trying to get away from several police cars on city streets. How far ahead could it have gotten that they lost it?  It didn't seem it had that much of a head start.

Then there was Henry and his ex-partner Colleen.  I found it really sad that Colleen's daughter Mira would rather go to Henry with her concern that her mother had assisted in her father's death instead of confronting her mom.

Obviously she was right that the option had been seriously considered but I felt her disdain for her mother's computer searches was a little misplaced. Wouldn't anyone who a had a spouse battling cancer go over their life insurance policy?  That seemed more practical than suspicious. 

And no matter what Henry or Mira said, almost anyone who has witnessed a loved one suffer that kind of pain would at least consider ways to make it stop.  

I though it was funny how even Frank admitted to having the hots for Colleen when he was a boy. Of course Henry did too and that's why he asked for a new partner, not because Colleen wasn't a good cop but because he valued his marriage too much to stay that close to temptation each day.

Finally we get to Frank and his past in the K-9 unit. It was more than a little heartbreaking to hear that he thought he couldn't cut it in that department and chose to leave…after his dog Greta was shot and killed by a robber.

Although I completely understood why Frank went to visit the dog who faced possible euthanasia, I loved that Garrett was there to show him how his actions could be interpreted.

Garrett: Dog bites boy. Reagan checks in on dog. What's wrong with this picture?
Frank: Oh.

Plus it's always great to see Frank stand up for what's right, especially when it's someone who can't fight for themselves.

Thanksgiving dinner was an event I didn't want to leave as everyone gave thanks for what they had, but Jamie's declaration was by far the best of the bunch.

I'm thankful for all the ordinary citizens who have come up to me on the beat over the past year and thanked me for my service All two of them. Also bullet proof vests.


Amen. And that's just one more reason why I'm thankful for Blue Bloods.


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I love watching BlueBloods My favorite part of those Episodes is the Dinner Table Scene! My favorite Characters are Danny and Jamie and nicki Erin`s Daughter!


I am watching BlueBloods right now the Episode where Frank tries to stop a Dad of His Son`s Injury and Danny and His Partner tries to stop a Guy who wants to kill His Partner`s Brother


I was somewhat baffled by the show's depiction of the police dogs - those were clearly not police dogs. For one thing, every police dog I know doesn't work with English commands! It's often Dutch, German, or French. This is partly because the cops don't want the crooks confusing the dogs with conflicting commands. Also, the police dogs I know are a ton more energetic than Raymond, and will often run rings around their partner protectively (which is part of their training, too).


Anther fantastic episode of Blue Bloods. Yeah I love Will Estes a.k.a Jamie Reagan always bummed when he's not in the episode just the dinner scene. Anyway thought the storyline line was great. Baez was terrific. Danny being the voice of reason. Hmm... that was something you don't see. Loved Frank. Jamie mentioning he's thankful for bullet proof vests hints (I'm assuming) back to the Bittermen storyline. Can't believe it won't be back until Dec. 13th. Whatever shall I do??


I expected Baez to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner…and it seems Jamie and Erin have been in rather diminished roles the past couple weeks…(Jamie this and Erin last) Though it is true Jamie had the best line of the show!

Sarah silva

Another great episode of Blue Bloods!
I like that they made us think that Raymond was a person then we find out he was a dog! It was neat seeing Frank with the dog and figuring out he did not attack the kid. I loved him confronting the kids dad/lawyer and telling him he knew he was a sketchy lawyer and just like that the case was dropped!
I was surprised that Baez was allowed to stay on the case they were working on when it was revealed that her brother Javi was a suspect.
I liked the family dinner.
Poor Jamie, he was only on for 2 minutes.
Parts of the Henry storyline did not seem like the Blue Bloods quality, not sure if it was the actors that played the sister and brother but at times I felt like I was watching a cheesy tv drama when they were on.

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Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

You know you two are worse than my kids.


Danny: Why do they call him Tic Tac?
Baez: Because if it looks like a pill he'll swallow it, just like every other drug.