Blue Bloods

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Blue bloods
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You had two of the best women I've ever known and you let them both go.


Don't confuse me with social services. I'm not your counselor. I'm not here to hold your hand.


Jackie: What did you say to him in there?
Danny: Mostly lies. What I wanted to tell him was go ahead and shoot the son of a bitch and let's be done with it.

Frank: Quit reading my files.
Henry: Well, I'm retired. What else do I have to do?

When you do your job, that's the difference between us and them.


Close range shot to the groin. Doesn't get more personal than that.


I'm not lecturing, I'm reminding. He knows how to get to you.


Jack: Can I drop you?
Erin: You already did.

I'm going to have to sleep on that one, for like a week.

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