Blue Bloods Review: The Fine Line

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"Old Wounds" walked the fine line between love and hate, truth and lies, and the difference between fighting for justice and being a vigilante. 

Erin's Ex Reappears

We'll start with justice. Lily Rivera certainly never got any. The four men who gang raped her walked away on a technicality and she's suffering from such a bad case of PTSD that she'd prefer to be dead. To see those men high-fiving one another in court as they got away with it must have been horrifying.

I could understand how the detective just snapped. I was surprised he didn't shoot the third man. He'd already killed two of them. I can't imagine taking out the third would have changed his case any and I doubt Danny would have shot him to stop it.

As Danny confessed in his conversation with Jackie in this Blue Bloods quote

Jackie: What did you say to him in there?
Danny: Mostly lies. What I wanted to tell him was go ahead and shoot the son of a bitch and let's be done with it. | permalink

Jackie was right. Doing their job is the difference between being a cop and being a vigilante criminal, but as Danny pointed out, sometimes that line starts to look blurry.

Frank's Commissioner for the Day candidate was an interesting case, as was the question of how much truth to tell him. I understood why the detective on the case tried to protect him but he's 18 now. Frank was right to tell him the truth. He had a right to know, no matter how unpleasant it was. Now he can make decisions based on facts and move forward.

Erin's ex, Jack Boyle, returned and I loved it when Erin firmly established her boundaries. If he's going to move back, make it at least 20 blocks away from Erin. It will be bad enough to run into him in court. She doesn't need to be tripping over him on the way to the dry cleaners. 

I also appreciated the directive for him not to promise Nikki anything until it was a sure thing. Nikki is growing up but there are only so many times he can disappoint his daughter before their relationship becomes damaged permanently. Erin was simply looking out for her daughter. 

I was a little surprised that Erin didn't tell Jack she kept the name Boyle because it was her daughter's last name but I doubt anyone but Jack will dislike her going back to being a Reagan.

As harsh as Henry's greeting was, i liked Frank's better. He was quick to remind Jack of all that he's lost.

Frank: You had two of the best women I've ever known and you let them both go. | permalink

As with last week's episode, I was left to wonder what happened with Jamie. Once again he was relegated to one scene with barely any dialogue. Why bother having the character if he only has something to do every third episode?

There was no Sunday dinner this week, just Nikki's party and it's not quite the same. Still, I really enjoyed the entire episode. My Friday nights just aren't the same without the Reagan clan.


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Love the show and would like to see more of a mix of stories with different members of the family as you did last year. It seems lately all the shows are about Danny primarily and while I like his character I do like seeing more of Selleck and the others.


Great show. Good episode. Wasn't really into the commish for a day arc. So far it's a good season. Just a few comments...more Jamie, less Danny, more Frank with bigger story lines (it IS Tom Selleck!!!!!!) , less Nikki, and more Henry. There!!! That should do it! Lol


Loved this ep, and yes, I loved that Danny wished he could have let the detective shoot the last two rapists in the head and the groin...they were disgusting, useless wastes of oxygen, and they should not be allowed to live after they destroyed a woman's life like that. Tom Sellick is always so effortlessly wonderful as Francis Reagan. I like him better now than I did as Magnum PI back in the day. the young guy who plays Jamie is, I agree, too fragile looking to be a Reagan...he looks like the runt of the litter. The other characters are so strong and interesting, and he's just not. I love Erin and her daughter and I was glad to see her set boundaries. I also adore Len Cariou as grandpa...he's just perfect.

Mrs cleaver

Peter Hermann, did a great job as Erin's Ex, he's a talented actor anyway (L&O SVU regular, he's married to Marissa Hargitay in real life). Their interactions were good, pretty realistic I thought.
The rest of the episode was below par for this show, with the whole "cop snapped" story and the "commish for a day" - yawn.
And as others have pointed out "where is Jamie?" Course he was the focus of more than a couple stories last season so maybe he's just giving someone else a turn in the spotlight.


Don't like this show. The family is much too insular and smug. New York is their city. We just live in it.


I love this show but they really need to give jamie a storyline. Unless he is working on another project, the writers need to learn to spread out the storylines. I left feedback on that Will Estes is being underused.

Sue ann

Jamie Reagan is the Eugene Barkley of this show. The Big Valley got along fine without him; I wrote to complain at the time, and was advised that Charles Briles had "left to fulfill a duty to the US Army." (Vietnam, one supposes. It was that era.) Then there was Chuck Cunningham. He also vanished into the ether, never to be heard from again. Jamie Reagan gets some more screen time than they did, but he's certainly being underused. He looks a bit fragile, but the arc of his undercover story showed that the character has great courage. Most guys look a little fragile, sitting with Tom Selleck ...


I really like this show. Tom Selleck has always been one of my favorites and he is still"hot". The acting is wonderful and the family connections seem real. I do have a hard time with Jamie. I just do not buy a mild mannered somewhat fragile Harvard lawyer becoming a police officer.


The reason I still like this show is the realistic dialog, e.g., Erin's demands of her ex, the way the family treated the ex, what Danny said "What I wanted to tell him was go ahead and shoot the son of a bitch and let's be done with it."
I agree with the above comment, the party was nice but I still missed Sunday Family dinner.

Sarah silva

I love this show! This was another fantastic epiosde. However once again Will Estes gets like no screen time! I wonder if he read the script for that episode and was like "Come on, Sami Gayle (erin) gets more screen time than me". :)
I really hope we see more of Jamie this season!

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Blue Bloods Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Jack: Can I drop you?
Erin: You already did.

I'm going to have to sleep on that one, for like a week.