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I'll sh-t you out like yesterday's sausage you bog wic prick.


O'Banion: I thought Torrio had you on a leash?
Al Capone: Well he left town and I chewed through it.

Party Guest: Imagine, a worthless desert as far as the eye can see, right there under foot a treasure of untold millions
Nucky:I can imagine it actually.

Harry: What do you make of this lady flier?
Nucky: That She should spread her legs and leave spreading the wings to her husband.

Al Capone: Later in I'm gonna see that fu-k
Torrio Goon: I thought you made a resolution?
Al Capone: Well New Year's ain't till midnight.

Naples is the moon, the dark side.

Al Capone

If it weren't for married men we'd be out of business dear.


Gentlemen remain gentlemen only when they must.


Certain people you do not steal from .

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