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Trust me. I'm saving myself for someone special.


Start keeping a tighter leash on your people.

Chief Martin

This is what I do, I follow the evidence until I find the truth.


Megan: Shh. You're annoying me.
Ethan: You asked me to stay.

We can still catch the killers, that is unless we're demoted to patrol cops first.


There was some poetic justice in Roberts being dead but if he's alive, even better.


Do you realize the kind of crap we're going to be in if he ends up dead.


The part of you who went outside the law for your sister is the same part that helped me and Lacy.


Megan: Stop talking.
Tommy: Not my strong suit.
Megan: What is really?
Tommy: Have three tequilas and I'll show you.

You really do have a knack for saying the exact opposite of what I want you to say.


Adam: If it makes you feel any better I'll probably get fired too.
Curtis: It doesn't.

Tommy knows lots of ways to break up with women, violence is not one of them.

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Body of Proof Quotes

The body is the proof. It will tell you everything you need to know if you just have the patience to look.


Don't believe everything you've heard about me. The truth is much worse.