What's the deal with you and Detective Tommy Sullivan? Am I going to have to fight a duel with that guy every time I want to ask you out, or what?


Oh she has spidey sense,no doubt about that. Especially when she's mad at you.


When I look at Darby, I don't see Lacy I see me


I trust your instincts. You tell me something's off and I'll believe you.


Megan: Yeah, OK. You're right.
Tommy: Say that again. I want to use it for my ringtone.

Megan: Darby seemed different than the other girls.
Tommy: Yeah, a different kind of crazy.

Trust me. I'm saving myself for someone special.


Start keeping a tighter leash on your people.

Chief Martin

This is what I do, I follow the evidence until I find the truth.

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