It's a good thing to stay in the dark about things - it keeps life interesting.


Jonathan: Sal, I'm scared.
Sal: That is okay. All fighters are scared, but once you get into the ring, you are like a God.
Jonathan: But I'm agnostic.
Sal: I'll say a prayer for you.

to quote Machiavelli, "there aren't any dirty tricks, just winning and losing".

Lewis Green

Stella: Want to vaporize some more pot?
Jonathan: I want to vaporize you.

My whole body is vibrating like a tuning fork.


(Talking about her vaporizer) And it's healthy because it's invisible vapor.


You gotta make a sandwich. Your hands are the bread and your face is the meat. You gotta protect the meat.


They say the pen is mightier than the sword.

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