Scotty: Are you looking for something?
Justin: Yeah, er... (he looks around) yeah. My trumpet. Here it is.
Scotty: Oh you play?
Justin: Er no.
Scotty: Oh you played growing up?
Justin: No.

Justin: (handing over Kevin's pills) Here.
Kevin: Where's the other one? There's two.
Justin: I just saw the one in the kitchen.
Kevin: Well this is the antibiotic. I need the painkillers.
Justin: Alright, this one will keep you from going septic. Unless you want to go back in the house then man-up. I'm not going back in there.

Sarah: (talking on the phone to Kevin about Justin) Does he seem OK to you?
Kevin: Yeah, a little crabby maybe. Why?
Sarah: He had a disastrous morning. He was painted a total loser by a class of first graders.
Kevin: I wish that seemed weirder.

Sarah: Look Justin, there's nothing wrong with not having that long-term plan per se.
Tommy: But playing Super Mario Brothers all day long probably shouldn't be your life goal.

Kevin: Oh my god, look Scotty I can explain everything.
Scotty: Great. How about explaining to me what part of in sickness and in health means leaving me at home with your mother.

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