Awesome: You and what army?
Chuck: Uh, that would be Sarah and her fists.

Sarah: What do friends normally do?
Chuck: Well, let's see, it's Friday night. Normally Morgan and I would gorge ourselves on processed foods and play video games all night.
Sarah: Well maybe we're not quite there yet.

His blood is type AB negative. What? You learn a lot about a guy when you're trying to kill him. His favorite movie is Terms of Endearment. He always showers after love making.


Let's get out of this stinking banana republic.

Casey [about Costa Grava consulate]

I knew you guys had a secret base. This is bad ass!


Is there anything your brother-in-law can't do?


Awesome: Chuck, you could have been a surgeon with those hands.
Ellie: He could have been a lot of things, I'd settle for on time.

Awesome: Sorry didn't mean to scare you.
Chuck: Maybe you shouldn't be sneaking into my room at night.

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