Devon: Hey guys, something weird is going on. Have you seen Chuck? He didn't come home last night, Casey came by, said he was worried about him.
Lester: Casey, yeah, yeah, I'm sure, can't live without his precious Chuck.
Devon: What's that supposed to mean?
Lester: The guy is obsessed with him, a classic perv. (to Jeff) No offense.

Casey: Going somewhere, Bartowski?
Chuck: No, no, we came back here for you because FULCRUM's here!
Casey: Well, then, we better get out of here.
Chuck: I'm not leaving without Sarah.
Casey: You drive, or I end you.
Chuck: End me? Oh yeah, how you gonna do that; you don't have a gun.
Casey: Don't think I can't kill you with my thumb or my elbow? Nerd bludgeoned by a radiator?
Chuck: You can't kill me with that radiator; it is far too confined in this car for you to get the appropriate torque.
Casey: Strangle you with this handcuff chain?
Chuck: Yeah, yeah, you could probably do that.

Casey: Impersonating military officials is a federal offense numb-nuts.
Chuck: Put it on the list.

Chuck: Look, for whatever it's worth, if I have to spend the rest of my days in a dark windowless room, I can't think of a better person to spend it with.
Sarah: It's not really how this works.
Chuck: What, we can't request a cozy little two-bed, two-bath cell?
Sarah: Two-bed?

Devon: Chuck, Chuck, this is crazy, we've gotta call the police!
Chuck: Devon, we can't do that. Here, drink this.
Devon: He tried to kill me! Why can't we call the cops?
Chuck: Because I am the cops.
Sarah: Chuck!
Casey: Moron.
Chuck: Devon, I am a high level CIA asset and these are my handlers. For the past two years they've had to watch and protect my every move.
Sarah: Chuck, no!
Chuck: (Looks at Sarah) He can handle it. (Looks back at Devon) You can handle this, right? Tell me you can handle this.
Devon: You're being serious? (To Sarah) He's being serious?!?
Chuck: Devon, I need you to help me, I need you to be cool about this. I need you to cover for me with Ellie. I need be awesome. Can you be awesome?
Devon: (In shock) You're a spy, Chuck?
Chuck: Yeah; more or less, yeah.
Devon: Whoa. Wow! This is... awesome! Hehe, yeah! I knew you weren't a loser who worked at the Buy More!
Chuck: Loser is a little...that's a little harsh. Ok, here-- here's the thing: the Buy More, actually, uh, is real.

Stephen: There is one request.
Roark: Anything that won't inconvenience me is fine. I don't care.
Stephen: Leave my family alone.
Roark: You say I'm not invited to the wedding?
Stephen: How did you know?
Roark: I'm involved in a major conglomerate of bad guys. Few details escape me.

Casey: I think your father has served our country honorably and deserves to attend his daughter's wedding.
Sarah: Is that a yes?
Casey: One condition. (Nods at Chuck) He stays in the car.
Sarah: Agreed.
Chuck: Done. Hey, hey, the team's back together again. Group hug!
Casey: One more step and it will be your last. No hugs.
Chuck: In the car I go.

Jeff: (as Morgan walks in) I smell bacon. Anyone else smell pig?
Lester: I seem to detect the odor of the forbidden meat.
Morgan: Okay, knock it off. Listen to me, guys; we need to apologize to Emmett for blowing the power. Otherwise he is going to can you.
Jeff: Nice try. Get us to apologize so we look like asses, lose all our street cred.

Chuck: I'll, I'll sleep on the floor.
Sarah: No, it's okay.
(Sarah jumps into bed, while Chuck turns off the TV)
Chuck: Why are you doing this?
Sarah: Because the floor is gross and I'm not gonna make you sleep on it.
Chuck: No, I mean why are you here, risking everything that you worked so hard for?
Sarah: Because after everything that you've done for this country, you deserve to find your father, to get the Intersect out your head and to have a chance at a normal life.
Chuck: Thank you.
Sarah: You don't have to thank me, it's my job to protect you.
Chuck: What about when it's not your job? What happens to us then?
Sarah: One mission at a time, Chuck.

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