Maybe you're right and maybe we aren't alike at all. Maybe you are capable of love, affection, and vulnerability. I hope so. Chuck seems like a really nice guy, and he's really in love. Are you?


Heather: I know you Walker. I know what you're going to do.
Sarah: You don't know who I am, or what I want, or the thoughts in my head. We have nothing in common.

Thanks for that, movie dork. I bet you have like a Tron poster in your room.


Chuck: Guys, guys, Panzer's on the computer right now but I can't tell what he's doing.
Heather: Buying patio umbrellas. He's trying to get to us you dope.

Isn't spy sex great?


Sarah: We don't have the authority to interrogate Chandler.
Chuck: Well we don't have the authority to use the supply closet for what it is we use it for, but we do it anyway. Don't we?

You're acting awful bitchie Burton, or whatever it is you go by.

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