Lester: Morgan! You got to break Morgan. Chuck tells him everything.
Jeff: His beard holds so many secrets.

Chuck: (after Casey sings a high note) Hey! What?
Casey: Choir boy. What? I wasn't hatched.

(Handing Casey the copy of the encoded Fulcrum list) Q36 game copier. Thankfully, Morgan is too cheap and unethical to pay for his own video game entertainment. Canada's greatest gift since Shania Twain.

Sarah: You are not concerned to involve a civilian in a covert government investigation?
Casey: No, girl's pushing Guy Lafleur's view is of use to us. You sure you're not just jealous because Bartowski's found himself a new piece of asset?

Chuck: Wait. So not only did we not get the Fulcrum list, but Jill's never gonna speak to me again, because she caught me naked, rinsing off fruit punch with another woman?
Casey: Common spy problem.
Chuck: Really?

Chuck: What is it? What is it, flesh-eating bacteria or anthrax? Am I gonna die?
Casey: Nope. But you can add ice and give it to little kids to sell on street corners.
Chuck: I knew it. Drugs.
Casey: It's powdered fruit punch, dumb ass.

(to Chuck) Of course I can cover for you, man, because we're best friends, and that's what best friends do. They lie for each other, but they don't lie to each other.


Jill, if it looks like a bomb and it ticks like a bomb, generally it is a bomb.

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