NCS Agent: Sooner or later you're gonna have to move on, Colonel. Why not today, when you can go out on top?
Casey: I'm not leaving Burbank.

Morgan: Obviously we'll still have game night.
Chuck: Every Monday.

Chuck: Where ya gonna go?
Morgan: I don't know. I gotta finish packing up and then I'm gonna head out that door dude, and I'm just gonna open myself up to the universe.
Chuck: So, moving to your mom's?
Morgan: Yeah. Yeah, pretty much straight over.

I play with toys. I live with a couple. I am a child. Oh I'm like your child. You guys are like my parents. Oh my God!


They're not toys, they're collectibles. They're not for playing.


You two are amazing! You're the best spies in the world.

Morgan [to Chuck and Sarah]

Look who's talking, you live in Charah's apartment.

Casey [to Morgan]

Quick question, G.B. This party, is there a theme that we should dress towards?

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