Karina: Now, see that man over there? Payman Alahi, his house, his party, his diamond... for now.
Chuck: Are you talking about Señor Wookie over there?

Chuck, I know what a third wheel is. I know it's me. Give, give me a chance here, man. Let, let me be a fourth wheel for once. Or maybe I can be any other even number


Chuck: I need to ask you a favor, and feel free to say no, and by that I mean say no. But... uh... could you fix Morgan up with Carina? Make sure you really exaggerate no so they can lip read it. They're a little lame, but I think they can crack no.
Sarah: You know, that is a great idea.
Chuck: No, it's not. No is the answer. You're supposed to say no.

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