You're not rusty at all Chuck. You are limber!


Sarah: He thinks we're sexting.
Casey: What? What does that even mean?

I must break you.


Sarah: Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
Casey: No. I either leave or they die.

Greta: Do you want me to show you around the store?
Morgan: Yes, please. That would be delightful. Should I hold your hand?
Greta: No you should not.

Sarah: By the way, good idea to bring the shoots.
Casey: Thank you.

Yeah okay, so we didn't find your mom, but maybe we found a new dumpling house. Huh?


This is not the opening of a tv show. This is real life.

I can't believe this was under your house. This is nuts. A secret spy base and it's got lasers and gadgets...and neatly organized files.

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