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Jordan: So how bad did I just screw up?
Morgan: On a normal scale of one to 10, I'd say a six. But on Hotch's scale, an 11.

Morgan: Okay, let me school you real quick. What you have to do with these ladies - just take control of the conversation. When you're talking, what makes you feel like an expert?
Reid: Uh... statistics.

Morgan: (discussing Viper) We need to bait him with someone he sees as a challenge.
Reid: To study his style up close and personal is going to take someone that he's already attracted to.
(all eyes are on Emily)
Prentiss: Ahh, oh, this is really gonna suck.

Garcia: Sir, does this guy stuff actually work on real, breathing girls?
Hotchner: (confused) Why are you asking me?
Garcia: I abhor the whole chicks-dig-jerks thing.
Hotchner: Well, fortunately, Garcia, you are one of the exceptions.
Garcia: Be still my bespeckled heart. So are you, sir.
Hotchner: (smiling) Thanks.

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