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We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love.It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person. - W. Somerset Maugham


Rossi: So, we know the Unsub uses the victims' own cars as his dump site.
Reid: Technically it's not a dump site. It's transportation disposal modality.

JJ: Cutting a husband and wife to death. It's more like he's mocking their marriage bond.
Rossi: That's where my head's at. You took each other for better or worse, now I'm going to show you worse.

James: Alex, I want to be a couple again.
Blake: I gotta go, let me think about it.
James: That means no.
Blake: No. It means let me think about it.

Emma: How long have you been in here?
Philip: Is it still April?
Emma: No. It's May.

Car Company Executive: You're presuming that the three different car companies represented in this room track our drivers via their GPS. That's a bold presumption.
Reid: Actually it's not bold, and we're presuming nothing. When customers access their GPS for the first time they go to a terms and conditions screen. They scroll to the bottom, they click the box that says "agree" so they can start using it. They don't realize they've just agreed to allowing a car to communicate its entire driving history to your corporate headquarters, for research purposes only, of course. The only reason these people agree to share this information with you is because they don't take the time to read the fine print. But I do.
Car Company Executive: We'll consult with risk management.
Hotch: We don't have time for lawyers. A woman's life is on the line and we need an answer now.

Emma: It was a Christian dating website.
Phillip: So you met online.
Emma: I'm not a Christian. I'm Jewish. Technically.
Phillip: Technically.
Emma: Genetically I've never set foot in a synagogue.

James: Well?
Blake: Let's go visit Harvard.
James: Really? You're going to come.
Blake: On holidays and weekends.

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