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The world breaks everyone, and afterward many are stronger at the broken places - Ernest Hemingway


Reid: So stupid. It was literally staring me in the face the who time. I don't know how I missed it.
Morgan: Come on Reid, stop. You're the only person who can realize all of this. So what does 6:22 mean?
Reid: I have no idea.
Morgan: Reid.
Reid: All I know is what it says. I don't know what it means.

Morgan: Sounds like Miss Thing's got something good.
Garcia: Well let's see. On this date in 1990 Florida banned the wearing of thong bikinis.
Morgan: I said good, baby girl.

Reid: Maybe the Unsub suffered abuse at the hands of someone citing God's will that he should change.
Rossi: It wouldn't be the first time took the Good Book and twisted it for their own agenda.

JJ: We need to go back with a warrant.
Hotch: We're going to need probable cause.
JJ: Well let's find some. Because there is more going on at that camp than they're letting on.

Isabella: So what are you going to give me if I talk?
Hotch: I don't make deals with child molesters.

Unsub: I could always get it up for her.
Mitch: When we were teenagers we could practically get it up for tomato soup.

Unsub: Take his clothes off
Mitch: What for?
Unsub: They all thought they could rape us straight. I think it's time to see if it works the other way around.

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