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JJ: A member of his Seal team said Dolan is an expert in explosives. Disabling them and building them.
Dr. Reid: (over the phone) Also be on the lookout for explosives.
Agent Rossi: (over the phone) Hello?
Luke Dolan: (over the phone) Is this Sgt. Major Rossi?
Rossi: Yes. I was hoping you'd call, Luke. Where are you?
Dolan: Right behind you.

Agent Morgan: People with delusional disorders don't all become killers, though.
Dr. Reid: True, but Dolan's background as a Navy Seal, his knowledge of secret missions plus his Capgras Syndrome could result in extreme paranoia. It's the perfect storm.

Agent Rossi: One thing that's been bothering me is that the first victim, Adam Werner, was given the Navy cross in 2000.
Agent Hotchner: We weren't at war.
Rossi: Exactly. You have to show extreme sacrifice, risk life and limb to win the second highest medal of valor. What did he do during peace time to deserve it?

Agent Prentiss: What if mentally he was reliving a combat situation.
Agent Morgan: Could be Post Traumatic Stress.
Prentiss: Everybody could look like an enemy.
Morgan: Prentiss this was a close-knit family. Look at them. They couldn't have been more proud of their son.
Prentiss: How bad would his disorder have to be to make him kill his own parents?

Agent Morgan: Talk to me little genie.
Garcia: Well, since you know how to rub my lamp, your wish is my command.

Agent Prentiss: Definite overkill. Somebody was angry at the boss.
Agent Morgan: Somebody with hunting skills.
Prentiss: Or a law enforcement background.

Garcia: Eight victims in total. All employees, including the CEO. Five were shot and three were stabbed to death.
Dr. Reid: A gun and a knife? That's highly unusual.
JJ: Could be two killers.
Agent Rossi: That would be the first time for an office killing.

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