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Agent Hotchner: How did you get by in Paris?
Agent Prentiss: Well, I played a lot of online Scrabble, with some girl named "Cheeto breath."

Dr. Reid: Loner, invisible, outcast, boiling rage. Son of a b-tch! (answering phone) Hi this is Dr. Spencer Reid. I actually can come to the phone right now with a very special message that your mother is a-
Agent Hotchner (cutting him off): Reid!
Reid: Sorry, I'm so sorry I don't know what got into me. Where were we?

Dr. Reid: He's not the Un-Sub. He was the partner, but look at how Slade said "All the LoSeRs in this godforsaken school." That capitalization isn't an accident. "L, S, R" Louis Stuart Ramsey.
Agent Prentiss: So Slade named his own partner.
Reid: Ironically, Louis' marijuana addiction saved his life.
Prentiss: Well that puts us back to our original problem. If the Un-Sub wasn't the partner how did he get his hands on a list that Slade and Louis kept to themselves?

Garcia: So, as you can see from your board there, this kill list is weirdly similar to high school. Group one is like the popular kids: prom court, football team, Dean's list. The "Heathers," if you will.
Agent Hotchner: So Randy Slade's social circle.
JJ: What about number two?
Garcia: That would be the kids from the other side of the tracks, one hundred-eighty degree difference. Kids this close to getting kicked out: loners, burn outs, mental cases. Chelsea Grant was on this list.

Dr. Reid: Even outcasts eventually form friendships. But this Un-Sub is the outcasts the outcasts rejected. He won't stand out in any capacity, and as a matter of fact most of his fellow students probably won't even remember graduating with him.
Agent Rossi: And that invisibility is what made him attractive to Slade. He knew he wouldn't steal the spotlight.

Dr. Reid: Wait, were you one of the mean girls?
JJ: No!
Reid: Valedictorian, soccer scholarship, corn-fed but still a size zero. I think that you might've been a mean girl.
JJ: I was actually one of the nice girls, even to guys like you.
Reid: Guys like me? I'll have you know that my social standing started improving once I started winning at basketball.
JJ: OK, you played basketball?
Reid: I didn't say I played basketball, I coached basketball. I broke down the opposing team's shooting strategy.
JJ: Is that why Morgan kicked you out of the pool last week?
Reid: Yeah it took him three rounds 'til he realized I was hustling him.

Agent Morgan: Feels like the Un-Sub wants to attack the man who kept the school together after the bombing. It's a pretty symbolic target.
Agent Hotchner: And this week is the tenth anniversary of the massacre.
Garcia: And today is the first day of a four day event commemorating the bombing at the school.
Agent Prentiss: Except commemorating it isn't enough for this Un-Sub.
Hotchner: No, he wants to relive it.

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