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A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen - Edward De Bono


Reid: Why wasn't the capsule guarded?
Sam: It was a different world then, son. Back then folks in Bronson Springs didn't lock their doors, kids rode their bikes after dark. Didn't occur to anybody the damned thing needed a guard.

Sheriff Collier: How did this guy keep from killing all those years?
Reid: We call it self-initiated predation cessation. Most serial killers are unable to control their own impulses but some seem to be able to self-regulate. It's like they have an on-off switch that they themselves are able to control.

Unsub: They biting?
Backus: Oh nibbling. Did manage to hook a good sized trout about an hour ago.
Unsub: Yeah? Where is it?
Backus: Oh, I tossed it back. Catch and release.
Unsub: Is that the law?
Backus: Oh more of a common courtesy. Keeps our lakes and streams full of fish for everybody.
Unsub: Thats nice. Except for the fish. Hook goes in your mouth, gets torn out, you get tossed back so somebody else can do the same thing.

Morgan: Hey, throw me a bone baby girl.
Garcia: Oh lover I'm tossing you a 24-ounce tofu steak.

Tory. There is something about that night you don't know.

Leanne Tipton

There is no present or future; only the past, happening over and over again now - Eugene O'Neill.

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