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We had a deal. You wanted out of Wichita. Here we are. But you have to lose the 'tude or we're never going to make it. Angel, I swear you are going to love it down there. Ocean, breezes, sunny every day. No where near Wichita.


Samantha: Can I see it?
Eddie: Have you ever handled a gun?
Samantha: No.
Eddie: Then there's your answer.

Doc #1: Is it true what I heard about this guy?
Doc #2: Yeah. Serial killer almost stabbed him to death. Crazy, huh?

Hotch: You look so beautiful.
Haley: You're not so bad yourself.
Hotch: I miss you.
Haley: I know.

Hotch: Jack misses you too.
Haley: Well then you should talk about me more. You should talk more, period. He's not like you. He needs to hear the words.

Morgan: Well we can't cover everything. Texas is huge.
Reid: 268,581 square miles to be exact. Largest state in the contiguous 48 and the 2nd most populous. Don't mess with Texas.

Foyet: I hope I didn't miss anything.
Hotch: What's he doing here?
Haley: It's okay. I invited him.
Foyet: Wowza. She is hot.
Haley: Isn't she?
Foyet: I would tear that up. Hey, I'll bet she's a real tiger in the sack, huh? Popcorn?
Hotch: No!
Foyet: Would you like some?
Haley: Ooh. Yes. Thank you.

Hotch: I want to stay with you.
Haley: I know you're the big boss man but can't always have your way you know. Sometimes you just have to roll with it.
Hotch: I don't know how.
Haley: Happiness is a choice. So choose.
Hotch: But how do I choose?
Haley: Get out of your head. The heart is the one that knows, so follow it.

Life is a dream. Realize it - Mother Theresa.

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