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JJ: Are you sure you shouldn't say anything?
Cruz: Positive.
JJ: People think we're having an affair. Can't we just say we're on assignment?
Cruz: No one can know. What are you afraid of?
JJ: The stares, the whispers. Spence has been asking me questions. Rossi's been onto us from day one.

Lyle: The government's gone mad. First they got wire-tapping, then they got "stand your ground", now they got the feds showing up at normal folks' home for no damned reason.
Hotch: Lyle, I told you this is standard procedure.

Hotch: Do you take care of the yard?
Lyle: Well yes sir. I mow the lawn, sir. Now you want me to mow your lawn, sir?

Charles: You think slave had Prozac? No. They went got out there, they worked.
Rossi: So if your son has mental issues, you think he should just push through them.
Charles: You're damned right.

Rossi: You killed Lyle's girlfriend and buried her in your back yard.
Charles: I did not.

Rossi: I know what it was like back then.
Charles: Oh you know what it was like?
Rossi: The guy who saved my life in Vietnam was black, as was my second wife.
Charles: Brown sugar. I'll be damned.

Rossi: You're evading, Charles. And that suggests guilt.
Charles: You go by that logic, you ain't too innocent your damned self.

Rossi: Look.
Morgan: You don't have to explain, man.
Rossi: No, you don't understand.
Morgan: A locker? Really? You took a leak on the guy?
Rossi: I was working him, Derek.

Rossi: You killed all of those people for revenge.
Charles: No, I killed out of hate. Hate grew in me that night. And hate vowed to pay them all back.

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