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Hotch: Did Jimmy ever fight MMA?
Garcia: Nothing that's been documented.
Prentiss: Most old school trainers won't let you cross over.
Reid: Well if he got his trainer out of the way and was looking for more blood he might try that tonight. It's just about the most violent sport there is.

Agent Morgan: Penelope, how's the greatest computer tech this side of the Mississippi?
Garcia: Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, Garcia's going to find what only her screens can see, what do you need?

Agent Prentiss: We saw the bodies, all of them have stress breaks in the same places.
Agent Rossi: That's consistent with years of fight training.
Agent Hotchner: Fight training, you think he's a boxer?
Rossi: It makes sense, a fighter would have the endurance it takes to commit this kind of overkill on this many people with a pipe or with his hands.
Agent Morgan: It would explain why at the first crime scene he lined the bodies up in the corner, like in the ring.
Hotch: It makes sense about the blood lust, but what triggered the killings?

Agent Morgan: It could be overkill.
Hotch: But overkill usually means a personal relationship. If the victims didn't know each other, it's unlikely the UnSub knew them.
JJ: So what would account for this level of bloodletting?
Reid: The primal rage could be about the blood itself. If he's enjoying the killing then he's getting aroused by it and developing a kind of blood lust.
Morgan: Then why hasn't he done it again?
Hotch: Maybe he hasn't had the chance.

Dr. Reid: You know statistically, widowed men start dating much faster than females, but Hotch is refuting the data. It's been two years and nineteen days.
Garcia: Venus has aligned with Mars which means love is in the air and maybe we will have weekends off.
Agent Morgan: (clearing throat).
Garcia: What? Is he standing there? He's standing there isn't he?
Hotch: Hello Garcia.

Agent Rossi: Is she cute?
Agent Hotchner: Yes, she is but I need to be focused on my training. I don't need to be distracted.
Rossi: Yes, you should be. Distracted is good. What's her name?
Hotch: Beth.
Rossi: I like it. And, you know what they say about riding a bicycle.
Dr. Reid: Who's getting a bicycle?
Hotch: Nobody.

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