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Agent Prentiss: You are making a difference, you know. One person at a time.
Dr. Reid: Thank you. You know I've been thinking a lot lately about why I stayed after Gideon left, why I didn't take any of those other offers.
Prentiss: Nothing is accidental.
Reid:...And I realized, I don't know, there's just something incredibly right about being here. With you guys.

Agent Morgan: (holding photo) Look at this, another souvenir.
JJ: Well it's digital quality, it can't be that old.
Morgan: There's a void in the blood spatter pattern. It's a blow back shadow.
Agent Rossi: Somebody else was there.

Dr. Reid: He used the same code that was broken years ago in a riddle we cracked in seconds. He knew we'd crack it, it was a decoy.
Hotch: No, it's a taunt. He wants to prove that he's smarter than everyone.
Reid: And we fell for it. Well, if he's trying to compete with me then it means he's most likely within five years of my age. The question is why?
Hotch: But the message might not have been meant for you, Reid.
Reid: A letter was hand delivered to me last night!

Garcia (into phone): The Oracle is in, how may I assist?
Hotch: Garcia to what specific location does "magic city" refer?
Garcia: Birmingham, Alabama.
Dr. Reid: Ninety-eight minutes below the horizon, Garcia what time is sunset there tonight?
Garcia: 6:22.
Reid: Ninety-eight minutes there would be 8pm. What's dedicated to President Garfield in San Francisco?
Garcia: There's a statue of him in Golden Gate Park.

Dr. Reid: It's not the real Zodiac.
Prentiss: How can you be so sure?
Reid: I just know it. Sometimes I can't really explain it.

JJ: So how old would Zodiac be by now? The murders took place in the late...60s?
Garcia: Yeah, December 20, 1968 to October 11, 1969 to be exact. But he was suspected of other crimes and he sent letters and codes to newspapers until 1974.
Agent Morgan: Well at the very least the Zodiac would have to be about sixty by now.
JJ: Yeah but it doesn't take a lot of strength to pull a trigger.
Morgan: No, but it takes a lot of skill not to get caught for forty years.

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