[to Kelly] You know Billy. You need to look beyond what's right in front of you or you'll never find his answers.


Jeff: Hey, thanks for everything.
Sky: You sure know how to show a girl an interesting time.

Sakelik: You lied on a story. Just completely fabricated a source. Six DC cops went to jail because of that story.
Jeff: They went to jail and they're still in jail because they were dirty.
Sakelik: But in order to get that story you lied. and now here you are with a missing brother, a woman with a bullet in her skull, and you're telling me everybody else is lying.

[to Jeff] I know what it's like to have somebody you love go missing.


Nate: I made contact with them last night and I think they're after me now.
Jeff: Who's after you?

Skye, we're just a television show. They're just fans.


I don't prey on anyone. I seek out no one. I hear from every tiny, grim, little corner of the world. It is they who are seeking. Seeking connection which I provide.


They come because they want to belong, to be a part of the unconditional love, the acceptance, that I offer. I offer them my family.

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