Looks like it's gonna be a night of flicks and chill.


Chad: I loved your sister.
JJ: You killed my sister!

While Clyde Weston is still at large, you’re going to go out to lunch?


Chloe: Think of all the time you’ll spend with Parker.
Nicole: Wow. That’s below the belt.

Think about what you're saying. Ben killed four people, including my grandson. There is no turning this around, especially not with Chad's son.


I am not cold and cunning. I am unreadable and sly.


Man, who knew that the truth could be so useful!


That man tried to have me killed. His son killed my husband. I will not hide.


Brady. If I move into that house because I’m scared of Xander, Deimos is gonna think it’s something else.


Kayla: Don't worry.
Steve: You might as well tell me to stop breathing, Sweethness.

How does that make you feel, Clyde, to use a belt on a kid who can't fight back? Like a real man?


I'm going to keep my family safe no matter what I have to do.