Don't do this. Don't make me sit here and watch you turn into your mother.


If I live to be one hundred, I will never understand women.


You're the love of my life, Marlena, but you're a killer.


Sami Brady: You are insane.
EJ Wells: No, my dear. I'm a DiMera.

Victor: I didn't get to where I am in life without being able to take care of problems.
Sonny: Or cockroaches.

Thank you God. Please don't smite me now.


Bo Brady: Tell Marlena I love her.
John Black: Sorry Bo, she's taken.

Sonny: I didn't know you had such strong opinions about Nick.
Victor: You don't have strong opinions about cockroaches either, you just step on them.

I hate your compliments more than I hate your slurs.


When he tries to mimic human behavior that's when he's creepiest.


Leverage is always a good thing, even with the people you care about.


Theresa: You sound so shocked. Yes I donate blood and I'm nice to my grandmother and small children, that is when I’m not biting the heads off chickens.
Melanie: Sadly that last part I can believe.