Days of Our Lives

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Days of our lives
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I can be a bitch but I can also recognize another one.


First Kristen, now EJ and Stefano. What, is there a fire sale on corrupt officials?


(to Kate) I never took you for the Duck Dynasty kind of girl.


Hope: Honey, calm down. It's OK. Everything's going to be alright.
Ciara: Want a bet.

My beautiful, impossible sister. I love you as much as you love me.


Eve: You are so mercenary.
Theresa: And you're so cheap.

No offense but you and EJ implode every six months with no help from anybody. The only difference is that this time Abigail is involved.


I was his first. He was my last. He was the last person that I loved with no strings. No hidden plan.


You know Maggie I realize that you sunk your teeth into the richest man in ten states but that doesn't mean that everybody else is a gold digger too.


My grandmother is a psychiatrist. I don't need my glorified barista husband to tell me what I'm thinking.


You deal with a creep like Eve, you need a creep like me to watch your back.


Frankly the only regret I have is that he was pulled out of that river before he died.

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