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Days of our lives
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Patient: My partner & I are trying to have a baby. Wish I could do my part.
EJ: Wish I had that problem.

Does this sound familiar? This is the same thing you said before you did that hatchet job on your mom and EJ?


Marlena: Why do you care who Eric is with? Whether it's a friend or somebody who's more than a friend because the two of you are done.
Nicole: Well thank you for the reminder, only next time can you try to keep the glee out of your voice.

You've been screwed to the wall twice by some world class bitches and you think you're just suppose to forgive and forget like Francis of Assisi or something.


Theresa: Brady looked at me like he hated me.
Anne: He does hate you but not because you were mean to the new nurse but because you bashed his father's head in with a fireplace poker and let Brady think he did it.
Theresa: Oh my God are we ever going to move on from that!

She is a, what's the technical term? Whack job.


Chad: Is it a crime to try and make your father proud?
Victor: When your father is Stefano DiMera, chances are good, yes.

Chad: We used each other. It's a special bond that only we can share.
Kate: My God, if you ever doubt that you're a DiMera remember this moment 'cause you are enjoying it only as a DiMera could.

Nicole: Hey, I aimed it at that old lady's walker. She was giving me a look.
Daniel: Yeah, what did that car window ever do to you?

I would invite you back but I'm afraid you'll say yes.

Tony Dimera

LIfe would be a lot simpler if woman weren't friends with other woman.


You have to admit that my family does bring along an elevated level of crazy and potentially lethal force to the party.

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You know you're not the first guy to let Kate Roberts ruin his life. Hell, you're not even the first guy in this room.


Lucas, I raised you to be a better liar than that.