Lucas: What do you see in that wing nut?
Kate: Really? How many times have I said the same thing to you?

You whored yourself out for stupid magazine article!


Making mistakes with men is a specialty of mine.


EJ: You remember we all took a ride on the carousel and you…
Sami: Yes but that was before you took a ride on Abby Devereaux.

Now more than ever I need to work for us, don't I?


If you don't think there's room enough for the two of us in this town, you rest assured, I will make room.


Will: Everything's fine.
Marlena: Have you met me? That won't fly here.

Sonny: I always said you were a good writer.
Will: Like you wanted to hang my work on the fridge with a magnet.

May the love that you share be the bond that brings you strength and comfort and joy all the days of your lives.


I know for a fact that men go through you like traffic through a tunnel.


Philip Kiriakis: Thanks for letting us fly with you, John.
John Black: Don't thank me. It wasn't my idea.

Theresa he doesn't love you and when he really gets to know you he's going to hate you for the selfish, lying little loser whore that you are.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

Sonny: This is great.
Justin: What is?
Sonny: Having a dad again and all I had to do to make it happen was get stabbed in the back.

You know there was a time when I thrived on being the meanest SOB in Salem. Now my idea of a good day is a walk in the garden with my wife or an old movie on TV. I'm particularly partial to Myrna Loy.