Will: You know what I did and I know that the guy I did it with is the same guy that you proposed to right before you met me.
Sonny: You didn't know that then. What you knew was you were my husband and the love of my life but you still flirted with Paul. You still went to his hotel room and you still had sex with him. So I don't know why we’re still having this conversation.

My husband cheated on me with the sweetheart of Sigma Chi.


Good pie can turn people bad.


Oh honey, that girl is judging the size of your wallet and waiting for her chance.


Yes, Harold, I think you should release the dogs. (to Sami) It's your mother. She's coming.


You whored yourself out for stupid magazine article!


Abigail: A woman of your class not to mention your age…
Kate: Careful, my pretty.

Daniel: I don’t hate you. I can’t.
Nicole: Well you’re doing a really good imitation of it.

So we're on our date to discuss if we should date.


EJ: It's nice to meet a man whose word is his bond.
Victor: When it suits me.

Brady: You want to give me a promotion.
Victor: You deserve it.
Brady: On what planet?

Why don't you ask him about what happened here tonight? Oh that's right, he's not talking to you. Something about you being too judgmental.


Days of Our Lives Quotes

I have power over everything you care about, which obviously doesn't include me but I'll survive.


What a waste of a huge talent.

T (about the stripper)