Don't worry we didn't put any pot in the pizzas.


Whoever stole JJ from me, she's nothing but a lying slut.


(to Victor) Maybe God still does take your calls.


You're insinuating that I am so shallow that I would fall in love with someone that I barely know.


I am not putting this behind us and you want to know why? Because I see you for the lethal, toxic snake that you are.


Hanging those big, old, ancient ornaments on their ugly Horton tree.


Hey, did I say be naked when the messenger arrived with your phone? No, no that was your own artistic personal choice.


There she is, the star of "How to Blackmail a Millionaire" and "The Seven-Year Bitch."

Lucas Roberts

I was too stupid to realize what a gift he was.


Well, you know the Salem Police Department - they never get anything right.

EJ Wells

Eve: You are so mercenary.
Theresa: And you're so cheap.

I've just been looking for the right time to try and approach you but you've been either smashed or angry or both.

John Black

Days of Our Lives Quotes

But if you do anything to hurt my daughter you'll have to answer to me and just so we're clear that rap sheet included running someone over with a car, so you understand.


Wait, wait. You have to continue bedding her to make sure the deal doesn't get blown. Is that what you call being a good lawyer, Justin or a whore.