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Genevieve: She can’t go back to that motel in east LA. It’s a horrible neighborhood.
Zoila: I live in east LA.
Genevieve: So, you know.

The rubies in that necklace were blood red. I don’t expect civil servants to understand how impressive that is, but I do expect you to get them back.


What’s the point of living if there’s nothing nice to wear?


Evelyn: The poverty was unimaginable.
Adrian: Streets filled with beggars and children running around in tattered.
Evelyn: Every time we looked out our hotel window we were confronted with human suffering.
Adrian: Finally, we called the concierge and got a room facing the pool.
Evelyn: So much nicer.

Zoila: I thought you were morning.
Genevieve: I am, but the US economy needs me. I can’t be selfish.

Evelyn: So, what do you think?
Adrian: She’s hideous.
Evelyn: She certainly is.

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