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You're juggling family, work and a Dark Passenger that's always got one hand on the steering wheel.


Dexter: I have someplace I need to be.
Vince: I also have places I need to be. Not good places; but places.

What would I do if I couldn't properly dispose of a body? I'd hide it.


You've got a family to support, and people to dismember. You're spinning too many plates, Dexter


So far, I'm starting to think I fucked around more than my old man did.


Vince: You are so boning this reporter.
Quinn: Shut the fuck up.

Dexter: I already have a killer to clean up after: me.

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If they find Benny is my car, it's lethal injection time.


Rita: Sure you're okay? You look a little pale.
Dexter: Hospitals. They give me the creeps.

If you smell me again, I'll punch you in the throat.

Deb [to Masuka]
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