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I don't want to fall out with Papa, but I don't want to be invisible, either. I've had enough of it.


Alfred: They're showing a movie tonight in the village, down east. It's about woman who survives in the wilderness by her own wits and courage.
Miss O'Brien: Blimey. They've stolen my story.

Ethel: I'm studying my lady. These days a working lady must have a skill.
Violet: But you seem to have so many.

Isobel: So you don't think I should have given Ethel a second chance.
Violet: I did not criticize your motives, but did you really consider? Ethel is notorious in the village.
Isobel: I don't think so.
Violet: I know so.

Are you sure you wouldn't rather just cut and run like me?


Robert: He only wants to persuade you to write for his horrible paper.
Edith: Still, I think I will go. It seems rude not to, in a way, and I haven't been to London in ages.

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