Isobel: And you have never strayed again?
Violet: I never risked everything again.
Isobel: That is not quite what I asked.
Violet: That is all the answer you will get.

Isobel: I will not have my final years overshadowed by a tearstained tug-of-war.
Violet: I suppose there is one consolation. Dr. Clarkson will be delighted.

Tom: Well if you don't like her, why have you gone through the business of sending Shrimpy to her rescue?
Isobel: That is what I keep asking.
Edith: Well granny?
Violet: Oh you know me, never complain, never explain.
Edith: You don't usually have very much trouble complaining.

Tea gowns! We aren't in the 1980s anymore Mr. Moseley.

Mrs. Hughes

I tell you what why don't we all go to lunch on Wednesday, even you Edith


He can have his..what do you call it now. His stag party?

Mrs. Sinderby

Rose: Mommy. Daddy. This is Atticus.
Atticus: How do you do?
Lady Flintshirer: What a peculiar name.

Cora: How can you imagine I will ever trust you again?
Rosamund: She doesn’t mean it Mama.
Violet: On the contrary, it is the most honest thing she has ever said to me.

My dear. A lack of compassion can be as vulgar as an excess of tears.


Violet: But Isobel and I had a lot in common and I shall miss her.
Mary: Granny you are quite dewey eyed, I never think of you as sentimental.

Charles: You might have allowed her to be the first woman.
Mary: Nonsense, I don't believe in letting people win.
Charles: Even if it is in your own interest.

Mable: Then why turn up looking like a cross between a Vogue fashion plate and a case of dynamite.
Mary: Well I can't make it too easy for him.

Downton Abbey Quotes

Anna, help me do battle with this monstrosity. It looks like a creature from the lost world.


But no, I'm not back in the Army. It appears they don't want me.

Lord Robert