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It's Rose's coming out and the Crawely's find themselves unwittingly involved in a potential royal scandal involving the Prince of Wales.

Mary has her hands in the business of many Downton residents as she's concerned over the welfare of Rose, Anna and her own love life.

Complications arise when Robert and Thomas take a trip.

Rose's surprise birthday party for Robert risks scandal and Edith receives troubling news.

Can Bates learn what’s troubling Anna? Meanwhile, Thomas installs a new ally and Alfred takes up cooking.

Anna keeps a terrible secret and Mary, Tom, Rose and Edith head to London.

A house party is thrown by the Crawley's on this episode of Downton Abbey.

Season four of Downton Abbey kicks off in February 1922. It's been six months since the tragic death of Matthew.

We jump ahead many months on the Downton Abbey Season 3 finale. Read on for a recap.

Bates is freed from prison on this episode of Downton Abbey. Much to the chagrin of Thomas.