Allison: You were exposed Grant, who are you seeing?
Carter: Tall leggy blonde, slinky red dress.

Ok, first, my PDA has a camera, and second, black holes are everywhere... People need to know these things!!


Jack: Ok, I was expecting something worse.
Allison: It fried the power and communications
Jack: Now what?
Allison: We drift to the bottom of the lake.

Senator Wen: You have quite a history of making, shall we say "questionable decision" the most recent being worm-holing Dr. Martin.
Fargo: No, no, no, I swear we've only just kissed.

Fargo: My Office dropped into the bunker.
Larry: Evacuation protocols kicked in early.
Jack: Bad time for premature evacuation.

Jack: I'm moving balls with my mind!
Henry: There has to be a better way to say that, but yes.

Allison: I need you to stay perfectly still and no talking unless I tell you too.
Jack: Ok, no moving around while your tooling around in my brain; fair, that's fair.

Jack: What's the deal with your uncle?
Kevin: He's just sort of prejudice.
Jack: Against WHITE people?
Kevin: No, against dumb people - no offense.

Henry: May I present Doctor and Mister Jack Carter!
Allison: Jack, we're married
Jack: How's it feel?
Allison: Wet.

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