Kate: When Teddy was alive, all of the pieces of the puzzle, they seemed to fit.
Judge Nicastro: Well, he had a way of putting things together. Deals. People. Teddy cast a pretty powerful shadow. Always did. Still does, you know. Still does.

Kate, you have this passion for people, and justice, and life, and that's amazing. You know? And you're warm, and you're wonderful, and you're beautiful, and you're frustrating, and you're annoying, and you're a little crazy. I spend half my time thinking about how much I love you, and the other half wishing I never met you.


Coffee, muffins, cookies, anything that might make grumpy men feel warm and fuzzy inside.


What can I say, I failed sharing in preschool.


David: I don't know if you heard me a minute ago there but I'm here to see Kate.
Lauren: You have a record and a liquor license which is a parole violation. Did you hear that?

Trust me those guys haven't been happy since before there was manned space flight.


Kate: I don't wear a watch.
Judge Nicastro: That explains a lot.

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