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Franklin: I don't like children.
Bash: They like you.
Franklin: They do but that's just because...
Bash:'re the same size.
Franklin: Shut up.

Who would make art out of toe nail clippings?


You know I liked you a lot better when you were dying.


Bash: We know how men manipulate women. The aw shucks, I'm just shy and quirky. Lets take it slow. The next thing you know it's 2am and your naked in a bouncy house.
Franklin: It's been known to happen.

So we use Pindar to sign her then we hip check bubble boy into the boards.


Hanna: You delivered Carter Lang to Franklin and Bash?
Karp: Oh, come on. He wasn't wearing a sign that said litigious scumbag millionaire.

I have the prostate of a 19 year old but I have the pancreas of a zombie.


Carter: Franklin & Bash LLC. Although you weren't actually a Limited Liability Corporation, were you?
Franklin: Truthfully, we just like the way LLC sounds.

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