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They think Carmen is hiding money. So do you think the naked cowboy can put his little pick away and come help out?


Do you always refer to yourselves in the third person, like super heros?


Karp: Stay with me.
Lily: I can't with my medical condition.
Karp: What condition?
Lily: Severe allergy to boredom.

Franklin: Aliens landed.
Bash: Took Pindar's genitals back to their spaceship for research.

Maybe if someone hadn't brought a lightsaber into a courtroom we wouldn't be grounded like ten year olds.


Let's say we call you Christmas and we call you Thanksgiving and later we will spend some time between the holidays.


Well, it's a shame that my niece hasn't had time to meet you until now. She's been safely ensconced in my home, away from you two.

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