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"Look, Saracen. Run the post, run the slant, and they will respect you... run this pattern, and they will fear you!"


When you first told me we were going to move to Dillion, I seriously wanted to ...vomit.


I'm sorry... I misread the situation!


Tim: Bo, don't forget, who's it going to be?
Bo: Me!

Man, that's so Brokeback.


"If I see you touch that kid again, I'm going to stick my fist through your chest."


They've even got some top-notch ballet-ers!

Eric Taylor

[to Julie] We did think about you... Austin's an arty kind of town ... you're arty?

Eric Taylor

Tim Riggins: Texas forever, man. Still friends?
Jason Street: Yeah... Texas forever.

Takin' it like a man, Matty. You know, avoiding the calls, ducking out, hidin' in the bushes.

Smash Williams

[drunk, in stadium] "Ladies and gentlemen... I present to you (... you .... you), the great... and noble men of Dillon Panthers Football!!!

Tim Riggins
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