Do you know what you are putting into our bodies? Death, delicious strawberry flavored death.


Peter: I'm sorry. I needed to know your blood was still red.
Mathis: What other color would it be?

I don't know who I am anymore.


Astrid: You've been smoking marijuana
Walter: I hardly classify what I've just smoked as marijuana, it's a hybrid of Chronic Supernova and Afghani Kush. I call it Brown Betty.

It's just a story, but as with all good stories things aren't always as they seem.


Peter: Feeling better?
Olivia: Do you mean a hot shower is better than drowning in a pine coffin? Much thank you.

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to.


Must be nice to know who you are, to know your place in the world.


Walter: A well ordered house is a sign of a well ordered mind.
Peter: Yeah and staying up all night to find a perfect place for your laundry hamper is a sign of something else in my books.

Peter, every living thing dies, as a scientist that's one of the hardest things to accept.


Walter: Look, it's a lemon zinger I believe. Not as good as the stuff I grow but it's not bad either.
Peter: Well, at least she died in a happy place.

As they say in Finland, there's more than one way to roast a reindeer.

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Fringe Season 2 Quotes

Feel his anus! It's soaking wet!


Walter thinks that she was a shape-changing soldier from another universe. He thinks that might be where you went. Do you think it's a bad sign that I can say that out loud and neither of us thinks I'm crazy?


Fringe Season 2 Music

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Dear-mr-fantasy Dear Mr. Fantasy Traffic iTunes
Blue-bayou Blue Bayou Roy Orbison iTunes
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