I'm thankful to have a job at Booby Licous. I'm grateful to my employer, The Kitten Corp, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cockburn Unlimited. God bless Ripp and Carlene. Cockburn. For these and all your gifts may we be truly endeavored to walk the good Christian path.


Amanda: You are so judgmental. If memory serves, even Jesus hung around with thieves and whores.
Carlene: Not in my neighborhood he didn't.

Oh yeah, fun fact! Dallas has more churches per capita than anywhere on earth and Dallas has more strip clubs than anywhere on earth. Two plus two equals a double standard.


Heather: Well, it's the best meat market in the world and I do not want to be seen next to you, you look too spectacular.
Amanda: Happy Huntin'!

Sharon: You broke commandment number eight!
Carlene: I did not steal. It's research.

The closest I ever came to abstinence was no salt in my margarita.


Amanda: I can't believe all the hostility. Was I that bad back then?
Gigi: Oh honey, you were a bitch with teeth.

Well, darlin', we all hope you're here for good. And not for evil.


Amanda: I've been sober for 18 months mother.
Gigi: Why?
Amanda: Bill's car wasn't the only thing spinning out of control.

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