Lorelai: So, dinner, thoughts?
Rory: Let's have some.

No glove, no love...

</i> Paris

Wow, aren't we hooked on Phonics!


Michel: You are mourning a cat?
Lorelai: Yes.
Michel: They lick their privates, these cats.
Lorelai: Not the comforting chit-chat we're looking for.

I'm going to be so cool in there, you will mistake me for Shaft.


Tristan: I'm all-knowing.
Rory: How Godlike of you.

"There is nothing fascinating on you palm, under your shoe, under your desk, on the floor."

Information on the blackboard at Lanes and Jess's school test

Lorelai: Sorry I woke you up.
Rory: That's okay, it's all fodder for the tell all.

Mrs. Kim: (angrily, to a man in her store) You break, you buy!
Man: But it was sticking out in the aisle.
Mrs. Kim: You break, you buy!
Man: But I didn't put it in the aisle.
Mrs. Kim: You have eyes, yes?
Man: Yes, I have eyes.
Mrs. Kim: These eyes work?
Man: Yes, these eyes work.
Mrs. Kim: They can make out shapes, sizes and colors?
Man: Yes they can do all that, but ...
Mrs. Kim: Eyes work, they see lamp in aisle, send message to brain: 'Lamp in aisle - move!' You move. You don't break lamp.
Man: I ...
Mrs. Kim: You have no eyes, not my problem, that is between you and them. You break, you buy!
(The man gives in and gives her some money)
Mrs. Kim: (suddenly sweet) We appreciate your business.

(Rory is throwing away things that remind her of Dean)
Lorelai: The sweater's brand new.
Rory: He saw me in it yesterday and he liked it.
Lorelai: Well, then he's got good taste.
Rory: He said it brought out the blue in my eyes.
Lorelai: Well, then he's gay.

Lorelai: (holding up a coffee cup) What? It's not for me. It's for Rory, I swear.
Luke: You're shameless.
Lorelai: Look, Officer Krupke, she's right at that table right over there.

What in the world?

</i> Lorelai