(to Rory) Hey, maybe instead of going to college, you should drop out and I could quit my job and we could form an all girl band with Lane. You know like Banana-Rama. We could call it... Tangerine-A-Rama or Banana-Fana-Fofana-...Rama or something.


Lorelai: (about Rory getting into Harvard) Mom, everything's gonna be fine. Rory's special.
Emily: Well, I know that and you know that, but those idiots at Harvard might not necessarily know that!

Emily: So, she's meeting you here?
Lorelai: Yeah, she had a thing after school, a rumble or something. She said she'd be over after.
Emily: A rumble?
Lorelai: Yeah, a bunch of kids meet in an alley, they pirouette, they pull knives, it's a whole to-do.

Lorelai: We need perspective.
Rory: We need therapy.
Lorelai: And booze! (pause) For those of us over 21, of course.

This is an uncontaminated area. I even cleaned the table with something other than the sleeve of my sweater and spit!


Rory: Can you keep a secret?
Lorelai: Not so far, but hey, there's a first time for everything.

Darren: Do you know which French city famous for its water was the capital of collaborationist France?
Lorelai: Oh, me? Um, Evian, Perrier, uh, Le Crystal Geyser?
Darren: Jennifer, you wanna help Lorelai out?
Jennifer: Vichy.
Darren: That's correct.
Lorelai: Oh, that's right. Vichy water, I knew that.
Darren: What about the year of Germany's victory in the Franco-Prussian War?
Lorelai: Huh, me again?
Darren: If you wish.
Lorelai: I don't know that one. I do know Istanbul is Constantinople, so if you've got a date in Constantinople, she'll be waiting in Istanbul.

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