(About inviting everyone to the Inn)
Lorelai: An out of control, over the top slumber party!
Sookie: I love it!
Rory: Me too!
Lorelai: Done! Spread the word.
Luke: I haven't said I'd come yet so I'm certainly not gonna suddenly become your messenger boy. (Lorelai gives him a glaring look) Eight o'clock?
Lorelai: Seven.
Luke: Right.

Luke: Gotta say sleigh rides are a little much but these horses are really beautiful.
Lorelai: Yes, especially from this angle.
Luke: Not just from this angle.
Lorelai: No, seriously don't back track. The horse has got a nice butt there.
Luke: That's not what I'm saying.
Lorelai: Nice firm hine.
Luke: Stop talking about the horse's hine.

(Michel takes a painting off the wall so Rune can clean the top)
Rune: Well, I didn't know you could do that. I thought alarms would go off and guards would pop out.
Michel: That would be if this was a museum and you were the kind of person allowed in a museum.
Lorelai: Excuse me guys, no bickering in the lobby. (walks away)
Rune: Where are we allowed to bicker?

Michel: Stop that.
Rune: Stop what?
Michel: Stop jumping like a Mexican bean.

Emily: The man is so sensitive. He reads so much into every little perceived slight.
Lorelai: Yeah. I remember one time when I was a kid, Dad had put on some weight, and he bought a new suit to try to cover it up. And he wore it for us and he said, 'How do I look?' and I said, 'You look fat.' - but I guess that wasn't really a perceived slightso, I'll think of another example.

Richard: Lorelai, this is just beautiful. It's like something out of architectural digest, you should be very proud.
Lorelai: Thanks, Dad.
Emily: Lorelai, your dress needs pressing.
Lorelai: Thanks, Mom.

Jess: We should have eaten before we came.
Luke: Shh! And, yeah.

Jess: What's the white stuff?
Luke: I think it's cream ... or cheese.
Jess: How about the green stuff?
Luke: I think it's ... best picked off.

I hate that man with every fiber of my being!

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