If you decided you really did want to date Jess, I would help you -- (Rory gives her a look) -- get vaccinated.


Rory: Jamie just asked you out on a date.
Paris: He did?
Rory: Yes
Paris: Did I accept?
Rory: Yes.
Paris: I'm going out on a date?
Rory: Yes you are.
Paris: Oh man, I finally get asked out on a date and I missed it. Was it a good ask out?
Rory: It was a very good ask out.
Paris: God I wish I'd been there.

Lorelai: Rory, what are you doing?
Rory: What do you mean what am I doing? I'm ranting! You should recognize it, I learned it from you.

Paris: What if I fall for him but he doesn't like me?
Rory: You'll find someone else.
Paris: What if there is no one else?
Rory: Then you'll get some cats.

Paris: I can't do this.
Rory: What?
Paris: Date. I can't date. I'm not genetically set up for it.
Rory: Not true.
Paris: I get no pleasure out of the prospect or the preparation. I'm covered in hives, I've showered four times, and for what? Some guy who doesn't even have the brains to buy a Zagat so we don't wind up in a restaurant that's really just a front for a cocaine laundering ring?

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