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Cory: It’s not easy handing over the world without making sure everything’s going to be okay.
Feeny: Well done, Mr. Matthews.

Cory: What’s the opposite of innocent?
Maya: Right here!

My teacher followed me home. Can we keep him? Can we keep him? Say NO.


Riley: This teacher’s insane – a total nut job. I think there’s seriously something wrong with him.
Cory: Hi hunny..
Riley: Hi daddy.

Lucas: I’m Lucas.
Riley: I love it.

Riley: How long do I have to live in my father’s world?
Cory: Until you make it yours. Riley, do you know what I want more than anything? Go ahead, make it yours.
Riley: I will and when I do, will you still be there for me?
Topanga: Right here. We’ll be right here.

It’s not your world; it’s still my world.

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